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We manufacture new and rebuild a wide variety of cotton gin components. These including gin saw mandrels, lint cleaner saws, agitators, picker rollers, feed rollers, doffing rollers, grid bars, incline cylinders, channel saw cylinders, module bed rollers, pulleys, miscellaneous expendable parts such as shoulder bolts, idler shafts, etc. We also refurbish many parts ordinarily deemed disposable. Call us before you scrap your mandrels, rollers, and cylinders to see if they can be repaired.

5 Axis CNC:Mazak Integrex 200-IIIS

With live tooling and fully integrated 5 axis CNC machining, combined with two 10” chucks to accommodate programmed hand-off for secondary operations on the back side of parts, this machine completes most of our more advanced component parts in a single setup.


CNC oil field style lathe: double chuck on headstock, large spindle bore – 6.93” (176 mm) through spindle bore; 27.95” (710 mm) diameter over bed; 18.9” (480 mm) over cross slide; 157.5” (4000 mm) between centers.

CNC lathe – 10”: Chuck Oil field style engine lathe double chuck on headstock, large spindle bore - 12 19/32” (320 mm) through spindle bore; 30” (760 mm) diameter over bed; 20 1/2” (520 mm) over cross slide; 118” (3000 mm) between centers.

Single chuck engine lathes: 4 1/16” (104 mm) through spindle bore; 34” (870 mm) diameter over bed; 25” (638 mm) over cross slide; 160” (4064 mm) between centers; 45 5/8” (1158 mm) gap bed

Milling Machines

CNC mill – X axis 118.11” (3000 mm); Y axis 31.5” (800 mm); Z axis 19.89” (505 mm)

CNC mill – X axis 39.37” (1000 mm); Y axis 20” (508 mm); Z axis 18.11” (460 mm)

(3) Conventional milling machines

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